You’re Making It More Complicated Than It Really Is

At its core, the basics of healthy living are incredibly simple –  movement, food, water and sleep (though, not necessarily in that order).

But we’ve been deadlocked by this diet culture for so long, we believe that there is a secret formula to losing weight and being healthy. And in order to find out what that secret is, we have to buy specific products or sign up for specific services. That’s simply not true.

I’m not here to sell you anything. I’d rather empower you.

If you. . . 

. . . learned how to move by watching my videos on YouTube. . .

. . . got your mindset right by reading my blog. . . 

. . . improved your nutrition by following me on social media. . .

. . . took my advice. . . 

. . . and you reached your health and wellness goals without ever setting foot in my gym or paying me a single penny, I’d be ok with that.

There is a secret formula, but it isn’t one that costs money. 

It’s discipline and consistency. Those two habits will get you much farther toward reaching your goals than handing over your credit card.

Don’t get me wrong. 

If you decide to make the investment and hire a coach, they can help you expedite the process. Your coach can point out habits and behaviors that do not align with your goals (these are the things you’re doing unconsciously that are sabotaging your progress). They can offer suggestions on how to replace those with habits and behaviors that support your journey. They can help you dial in your nutrition, teach you how to log your intake and track your progress.

But you can get started on your own.

Go to bed.

You need the right amount of rest EVERY NIGHT to ensure that each body system has enough time to cycle through its entire repair process. Your endocrine system is one of the systems with a nightly repair routine. If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep, your body’s not doing what it needs to regulate your cortisol levels. If you have prolonged exposure to elevated levels of cortisol, your body’s not going to be able to shed excess body fat. Your body’s going to store it “just in case” it needs it because you’re under constant stress. Aim to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Water doesn’t just make up ¾ of the earth’s surface. It also makes up the majority of your body. Water is the lubrication that keeps everything moving like it should. You need it for digestion, blood circulation, muscle health and consistency in the bathroom. (You want your body to efficiently process waste. Having toxins hanging around gumming up the works isn’t going to help you reach your health and wellness goals.) You also lose water in all sorts of ways, so you need to constantly be replenishing your body.

Nourish yourself.

You should eat a wide variety of foods to get the most amount of nutrients. But you should also be eating the right AMOUNT of foods as well. We find that most people are actually under-nourishing themselves, either by calorie restriction or eating foods that are nutrient deficient. We love chips and fries as much as the next person. But eating a baked potato with the skin will ensure that you get more of those healthy nutrients.


We’re not talking about “go big or go home”. Start by taking a daily walk. If that means you can only circle your block, then start there. Work your way up to getting 10,000 steps daily (the equivalent of 4-5 miles). A study published in January 2022 showed that reaching 10,000 steps per day lowers your risk of brain disorders and certain types of cancer, and improves cardiovascular health. (It can also jumpstart the process of shedding excess body fat.)

By starting with these four things (and in the order I listed them), you will see consistent improvements in your overall health. Fat loss, while important, is not the only metric of good health. You also need to regulate your hormones (which affect your moods and emotions), improve your energy and stamina, and get good reports from the doctor’s office.

Make sleep a priority until it becomes automatic that you turn in at the same time every night. Then add the next thing. Don’t overhaul your whole life at once. These are lifestyle changes.

If you struggle with any of these, email us at We’d be happy to help you with solutions that fit into your existing lifestyle.