This Week at Penance (9/18 – 9/23)

It’s going to be a great week for the Penance Achieve group – it’s a Double Durability week & quite a few repeat workouts and strength pieces thrown in… great for giving our members a chance to gauge their progress or where they may need to be pushing harder in the future.


Starting off the week with a Durability Day focusing in on our pressing musculature and lower back health & strength.


Moving forward into Tuesday we will have our 1st Armor workout of the week, working on building our leg strength with some double kettlebell squats as well as our upper body pulling muscles (upper back and biceps). This will be followed by a strength session with the same focus.


By mid-week we see our first Power workout, building the strength and endurance of our posterior chain and pressing muscles, after the strength session that will re-test 1 of our favorite strength movements – Sandbag Loading.


On Thursday we will have our 2nd Durability Day of the week, this time focusing on our pulling strength & endurance, along with our knee health & strength.


We begin to close out our week in the gym with an Armor workout and strength session working to building our core strength as well as hip & shoulder health and mobility – an often overlooked and underestimated piece to a workout routine.


We finish out the week focused on the same patterns as we began the week – pressing and lower back – but this time it is with an Armor workout and a strength session.

In today’s fitness market:
Cardio is over-hyped
Variety is used in excess
More is treated as better

Our view is rather basic but in a sense, a counterculture position in the world of fitness:
We treat Strength as our base
We prioritize quality over quantity
We believe in training, not over-exercising

Because more isn’t better; BETTER IS BETTER!