group training

Get Healthier. Build Connections. Be Happier. Join our community and reach your goals faster with group training.

Why Group Training?

Group training provides a variety of benefits whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, or just beginning your journey into health and wellness.



There's nothing like the support you feel when you're working out alongside like-minded people. Our members encourage each other through challenging workouts, to use heavier weights, try new movements, or to just have fun during class by joking and laughing.


Our coaching staff works very hard to ensure that each member gets the right workout for them. We start by ensuring that each member can do the workouts safely and build on that foundation to provide new and challenging ways to help you reach your goals.


What helps to make YOUR workout fun? Is it friendly people to share your experience with? Learning new skills? Lifting heavy weights? Group classes offer those benefits and many more.


We carefully create a structured daily workout combining 6 core movement patterns (pressing, pulling, squatting, hinging, core work and cardio) with proprietary interval set-ups to help you reach your individual health and wellness goals faster and more efficiently.


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