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This Week at Penance (Thanksgiving)

Obviously this week is a special week and we will also be taking some time to be home with our families – I hope many of you do the same. That being said, we will be open from Monday to Wednesday and I always want

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This Week at Penance (11/14 – 11/18)

One more full week of workouts before the week of Thanksgiving – and it’s going to be a good one. This week is a Double Durability week, and every workout has been done previously in our Achieve program. This may seem like arbitrary information but

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The Real Secret to Weight Loss

Miracle diets, cleanses, crazy workout programs, strange supplements, wraps, measuring cups and scales, fasting, macro tracking—what’s the real secret to weight loss? Glad you asked—because we’ll give you the truth. No gimmicks, no nonsense. Just the info you actually need. Here’s the real secret to

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This Week at Penance (11/7 – 11/12)

We have a great week ahead of us at Penance Gym. This week we have 2 Power Days and 4 repeat workouts – 1 of which being a special workout for Veterans Day. Put that together with the fact that we are beginning to see

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This Week at Penance (10/31 – 11/5)

What an awesome week we have planned at Penance Gym. It’s a Double Durability Week & we have 4 repeats! Durability Days are longer duration workouts with less rest. There is an emphasis to maintain a sustainable pace throughout the workout. As such these are

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Building Strength After 40: Yes, You Can!

Can you build strength after 40? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And it’s true that we’ll all experience some physical decline as we age, but the effects of age are greatly amplified if you avoid building your strength.

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This Week At Penance

Monday Starting the week off focused on building the strength of our knees and our squatting pattern. We’re beginning the week with an Armor workout centered around the Goblet Squat, Kettlebell Swing, and Airbike – Oh my! Armor workouts are great for new and seasoned

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Focused Attention – Glutes (Booty)

I am a firm believer that pushing yourself in the Penance Achieve class workout 4x a week is more than sufficient to help someone take control of their health and: Build Strength Burn Fat Strengthen and heal joint issues All around age athletically (be able

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Athletics – 3 Exercises for Unstoppable Legs

Athletes are built from the ground up This is a statement that many of the athletes that have come through Penance Athletics have undoubtedly heard from me numerous times. I am a firm believer that without strong legs (and hips) to carry them, no athlete

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How is Penance Different from a CrossFit Facility

When you’ve done this as long as I have, you notice patterns. A common pattern is when someone moves over to Penance from another gym, whether it be another functional fitness (or CrossFit) facility, a bootcamp studio (Orangetheory or other), or a 24 hour globo

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