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How We Improve Quality of Life

This is a bit of a longer video, but worth the time as it sums up our process to helping clients feel good for years to come! This is a 100% personalized to each individual that trains at Penance Gym as each person comes in

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Success Stories – Angie

“In April of 2020, I tore my ACL. As a 45+ year old, I was somewhat discouraged by the doctor to have surgery, as healing takes longer and I had pretty extensive arthritis from a previous ACL surgery. But, having experienced it once before, and

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Increase Baseball and Softball Hitting Power

In baseball and softball, very little is as envied as stepping to the plate with Home Run Power! There are no shortage of bat drills that coaches and players can try in order to increase power at the plate. But quite often the athlete would

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History of Penance Gym – Part 3

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 first: Looking for Guidance In 2019, we decided to find a business mentor. The growth in the gym was stalled, and a lot of the people who were interested in

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Penance Athletics JV Summer Program

Background information- Over the summer, Penance Athletics ran a 2 month program for 11-13 year-olds. The purpose was to set up these young, developing athletes with a good foundation, on which to build their athletic future – and I can proudly say that they did

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Cost vs. Value

“While it COSTS my boss “$X” to employ me, the VALUE I bring to his organization is far greater than anything he can afford.” Did that catch your attention?  ‘Cuz I believe we’ve gotten the definitions for the two words “cost” and “value” mixed up.

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History of Penance Gym – Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can go back and read it here. As the wheel turned into 2015, we were full of hope at all the possibilities that being affiliated with CrossFit could bring us. But nothing really changed for us initially. We kept

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The Fitness Mis-Education of Team Sports Athletes… Pt 1

Theresa, the Penance General Manager, and I decided that I should write to the mistakes and mis-directions that I’ve seen (and have been guilty of) over the years that I’ve spent in and around the Strength and Conditioning arena. The more I thought about this,

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General Population Fitness

Who are the participants of The Penance Achieve Class? And what is their goal for being there? For lack of a better term – General Population Adult Fitness Seems like a prison thing, huh? We don’t often use the term “general population” to describe adult

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