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Youth Performance Training Considerations

1) Think Long Term – Too often we get caught up in how our child is performing in this game or this season that we overlook the fact that they have YEARS to develop and grow! What would be better – being the best on

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Turning Point for Penance Gym

I remember this day like it was yesterday.  I was a little over 5 weeks out from a competition in Alabama and a little over 5 weeks from when I injured my lower back. I mentioned it to very few people back then… Some days

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Building Strength and our Comfort Zone

Today, Wednesday July 6th, at Penance Gym we have what we call Heavy Day. Heavy Day is where our strength portion extends to a much larger portion of the class than we normally allot. Today we actually have upwards of 30-35 minutes to work on

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How We Improve the Quality of Life

This is a bit of a longer video, but worth the time as it sums up our process to helping clients feel good for years to come! This is a 100% personalized to each individual that trains at Penance Gym as each person comes in

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How to Avoid the Dad-back

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it seemed like a good time to share this bit of information. If you’d like to avoid developing, or even reverse a chronically stiff and tight lower back (referred to as Dad-back), check out this video. Any follow-up

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Why You Should Workout, Really

Late Saturday morning I received a message from 1 of our members, Lindsey. Lindsey has been with Penance for about 3.5 years – and she is a great example of what we embody here at Penance. If you’d like to here her story. We believe

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Building Confidence in Young Ladies

We often talk about “bright spots” within Penance Gym. These are the things that brighten up your day. Some of them are things that happen in the gym – lifted a weight that we haven’t before, ran a faster mile, etc. Some of them are

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The 6am Class

I have to say a big “Thank you” to the 6am class! If it were not for you – the individuals that drag yourself out of bed first thing in the morning, before life can get in the way – I can confidently say that

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I want to take a moment and brag on 1 of our awesome Penance members – Jeff. Jeff has been a member with Penance for over 7 year now. Although his schedule may have gotten in his way a few times over the years, he

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