This Week at Penance (8/14-8/19)

We have a great week lined up for the Penance Achieve classes – 2 Power Workouts give us a reason and a chance to push to move heavier weights at a challenging pace.

Let’s dive in!


This is the first Power Day of the week. We start off with a strength section that gives us a chance to test our pressing strength & endurance, followed by a high octane Power workout that is sure to keep that metabolism kicking for at least the rest of the day.


We move into Tuesday with an Armor workout and Strength session, both focused on our leg strength and upper body pulling musculature.


By mid-week we take on an Armor workout and Strength session focused on the strength and endurance of the ever-so-important posterior chain and upper body pressing musculature.


On Thursday we move into our 2nd Power day of the week – a fast paced workout focused on upper body pulling strength as well as knee strength & health follows a Strength session where we can test our upper body pulling strength.


We begin to close out the week with an Armor workout and Strength session that is focused on our Core strength, Mobility, and Balance/Body Awareness.


And on Saturday we will have our only Durability Day of the week, with the same general emphasis as Monday – upper body pressing strength & endurance and lower back strength & health.

Here’s to a fun and productive week!