Why You Can’t Just Jump into Class

We say it a lot on our social media posts.

It all starts with a conversation.

For someone who’s just looking for pricing, or who wants to get started RIGHT THIS SECOND, finding out that they need to talk to someone first feels like a barrier to entry.

But we have very good reasons for doing it this way.

We are a goals-based, coaching facility. That means that we use the end result you want to achieve to create the plan to help you get there.  

Not everyone wants that. And we’re looking for the people that do.

Our consultation process sets the standard of expectation for the members we want to work with.

During this conversation, we ask a lot of questions. And take note of your answers. We ask about the challenges you’ve faced in getting – and staying – fit and healthy. We ask what you’ve tried to overcome these challenges. We want to know what worked (and what failed miserably). We find out what your goals are and why they’re so important to you.

Once we know more about you and what you want to achieve, we can determine if your goals align with our mission.

If they do, then and ONLY THEN, do we even discuss what your personal path looks like. If they don’t, we’re not trying to sell you anything that you neither want nor need. And we’ll even try to help you find what’ll work better for you. Even if that means referring you to a different facility in our area.

So who are the type of people that we work with?

We help people gain new skills and strength. We do this because we know that the best things happen in real life and that no matter what your current age and ability level is, you are always capable of gaining more. These people want to go rock climbing, hike the Appalachian Trail, go skiing, snorkeling and still have adventures. They also want to maintain their independence long into the future. They understand the value of a strong and healthy body.

We help people get out of chronic pain that isn’t being fixed by a doctor. We do this because we know that people who are in pain are imprisoned on a daily basis by a body that is failing them. They’re missing out on time with their families, hobbies and activities they once loved, and new experiences. All because their bodies constantly hurt.

We help people lose weight. We do this because we know that people who are uncomfortable in their own skin avoid social situations where they can be made to feel like they are less than they truly are. We want these people to be confident in their bodies – in how they look in their clothes and in what their bodies are capable of doing.

It sounds like we work with a lot of different types of people. And we do. We work off your goals, because we know that when your goals are THAT important to you, you’re going to develop the necessary habits to reach them. You’re going to be coachable and accountable and that’s going to help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible.

And given all the different types of people that we work with, why do we make everyone start with a consultation?

It’s to make sure that we ONLY work with the people that are looking for the type of fitness that we offer.

We are in the people business. Not the fitness business and definitely not the sales business. Our business only thrives if the people we work with are beyond thrilled with our services. This doesn’t work if we allow everyone to work with us. It works if we are honest and up front with what we offer and who we serve.

And using complete transparency, there are some things we just won’t do here.

If you just want to jump into classes or have access to our facility and equipment, we don’t do that here. 

If you want to do Olympic Lifting or follow your own programming, we don’t do that here.

If you ignore coaching feedback, insist on doing what you want instead of what’s safe and appropriate, and prioritize your “score” over your performance, we don’t do that here.

Your goals determine the road we take, but to help you get there faster, we’re driving the car.