Bragging on Blake’s Journey

I’m going to take a minute and brag on an incredible individual and his journey.

6 months ago, Blake made his return to Penance Gym after devoting himself for the last few years entirely to his business.

When he returned he did so in a big way – committing to nutrition coaching as well as the Penance Achieve classes.

To say that he has been dedicated and consistent would almost be an offensive understatement – he has been practically spot on with his nutrition (with the incredible assistance and support of his family) and has given 100% in the Achieve class almost every day that it has been offered for the last 6 months.

I’ll keep this short, in 6 months the scale has dropped 40 pounds! But honestly, that’s only a partial picture for a few reasons. Blake has definitely lost more than 40 pounds of fat, because he has put on muscle at the same time. And if you ask his family (and anyone that is lucky enough to spend time with him) his energy and mentality are drastically improved as well!