This Week at Penance Gym (8/21-8/26)

This is a little late being released this week, I managed to get away with the family for an extended weekend and I’m just now getting back to my computer.

Let’s get into it, a Double Durability week with extra emphasis on the legs!


We start this week off with an Armor workout and Strength session focused on the squat/lunge strength and upper body pulling musculature.


With our Armor workout on Tuesday we will focus in on our posterior chain strength and pressing musculature. Our strength session will have the same focal points and is a repeat from the week prior, giving members a simple chance to push for improvements.


By mid-week we will see our first Durability Day, focused on upper body pulling strength & endurance as well as knee strength & health.


By Thursday we will see our last Armor workout of the week, this time with an emphasis on the ever so crucial core musculature as well as hip mobility. Both or these aspects are imperative to feeling our best as the winters add up.


On Friday we will take on our only Power workout for this week, focused on our pressing strength & endurance as well as the strength & health of our lower backs.


We will finish out the week with our 2nd Durability Day, this time emphasizing our leg strength & endurance as well as upper body pulling musculature.

Here’s to a fun and productive week!