This Week at Penance Gym (10/16-10/21)

Before we take a look at this week, let’s talk about some things happening this week.

It is finally feeling like Fall, and with that comes the thought of all of the delicious sweet treats that come with the Holidays – If you’re tired of feeling like the holidays sabotage any and all efforts that you make for your health, let us help. We’re accepting 10 people into our 12-week Nourish & Flourish Foundations program (and 10 people only, because we want to ensure the quality of the attention & coaching that we can give for this). This is the last week to get your name on that list so be sure to email to get any questions answered or get signed up.

Also, with the cooler weather comes the thoughts of long sleeves and hoodies. The Penance Gym fall apparel store closes Tuesday, so time is running out.

I don’t want to hold you up any longer…


We start the week out hot – retesting a strength benchmark and taking on a Power workout.


On Tuesday we have our first Durability Day of the week – emphasizing our upper body pressing strength & endurance and lower back health & strength.


By mid-week we’ll take on our first Armor workout of the week, with an emphasis on our squatting ability & strength, along with our upper body pulling strength. The workout will be followed by a dedicated strength portion with the same emphasis.


We will begin the downhill portion of the week with an Armor workout and dedicated strength portion focusing on our posterior chain and upper body pressing strength and endurance.


To end out the work week we will take on our 2nd Durability Day of the week, this time emphasizing our upper body pulling muscles and knee strength & health.


We will finish out this week with the same focal points that we started with, core strength and mobility of the hips and shoulders – this time with an Armor workout and a dedicated strength portion.

The 2 biggest changes in our group classes over the last 3 years:

~ No one finishes last – with intervals we all start together & finish together, but how much work is done (reps completed and weight used) is individual & appropriate to each participant.

~ There’s a definitive structure and emphasis for each and every day in our program, because we believe that structure & repetition are necessary for you to build strength & confidence in your movements and your body.