Member Story – Mindy

Over 7 years ago, a friend (Carrie) approached me with an invitation to join her in an introductory class at Penance Gym. I was very hesitant to accept her invitation. Why? I was 60 years old, and I knew I would be largely outnumbered by young 20, 30 , and 40 year olds with a few 50 year olds tossed in the mix. I had always exercised, played sports, and swam. The idea of lifting weights was very foreign to me, and to be perfectly honest, I was intimidated.

So, as I was considering this proposition, I thought about retirement and all of the places I wanted to visit, all the trails I wanted to hike, all the bike paths I wanted to pedal, all the oceans and lakes to swim, all the sports to play, and all the walks I would walk with my 90 pound dog pulling me.

But then I thought about how I had noticed a change in how I was beginning to walk down stairs. I no longer scampered down the stairs without holding on to the railing, without looking at the stairs in front of me. My balance was off. I thought about how I was having trouble lifting my dog food bags, groceries and drinks into the car. My muscles were atrophying. I remembered thinking that my mind was not quite as quick as it used to be, and I remembered how happy sports and physical activity always made me.

Having worked in orthopedic clinics most of my life, I knew you could prevent osteoporosis and build muscle mass with weight bearing activities. This could prevent fractures from falls. I also knew this type of a workout could increase your lung capacity while building your endurance to walk longer distances – for example, when I am walking a 90 pound dog that decides to chase a squirrel. This type of physical activity can also strengthen joints and improve range of motion. All of this motion and resistance, also helps with weight loss.

The added bonus to all this physical activity is that you will sleep better, smile more, and live longer. All of this, plus, your self-confidence will grow.

Carrie and I began our adventure at Penance Gym. We stumbled through the basics, but we got better. We learned what weights we could lift. We got stronger. We figured out how much we hated that bike, but we rode it. We learned how to keep up with our reps but still forgot them, but not as much as before.

We have our Penance Gym with our great coaches. We learn the right way, and we don’t wander around a gym by ourselves. Our coaches are with us as we strengthen our bodies and our minds. It’s one of our favorite places to be with friends… and family.

Now, seven years later, I am retired with all of the benefits – not just the monetary benefits, but with strong bones, muscles, and endurance to hike, swim, explore and smile. Oh, yes, I can scamper down the steps again. I have Clint and his staff to thank. Come see what Penance Gym can do for you.

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