What’s the Difference Between Penance Achieve Coaching Program & Orange Theory?

A question that we get often: “What’s the Difference Between Penance Achieve & Orange Theory?”

This is a great question, and I know many of you might have similar concerns or thoughts about choosing the right fitness program. Let’s dive into the differences.

Class Sizes

  • Penance Achieve: Our classes stay within 8-12 people per session. This smaller size ensures that you receive individualized coaching and feedback. You’re never just a face in the crowd; our coaches know your name, your goals, and your unique needs. This personalized attention means quicker progress and a program tailored to you.
  • Group Fitness Options (e.g., Orange Theory, F45, Burn Bootcamp): These can fit up to 20-350 people in a class, which might be energizing but can also limit personalized guidance.

Strength Training

  • Penance Achieve: Our coaching program includes a robust strength training component. You’re not just taught how to strength train – you’re guided through a strategic workout plan that’s designed to help you get stronger and build muscle. Our experienced coaches ensure that your form is correct, and the plan progresses at the right pace for you. You’ll feel empowered, confident, and see real changes in your body. Our focus on strength training sets us apart and ensures you achieve balanced fitness.
  • Group Fitness Options: Some include a “weight training” station, but may not focus on enough strength training to get stronger, build muscle, and increase metabolism.

More than Classes – Building a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Penance Achieve: Our coaching program is about more than just workouts. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes guidance on the sustainable healthy habits that truly impact your health, energy, and longevity – like drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, and building the habit of consistency. Our coaches are available to support you in and out of the gym, helping you make smarter lifestyle choices and turn those choices into lifelong habits. It’s not about quick fixes; it’s about lasting change.
  • Group Fitness Options: Generally focused on the in-gym experience, these options might not provide the same level of holistic guidance. Some may offer additional support, but it may vary.
Let’s Talk About Your Concerns

Do you have any questions or concerns about our program? What are your unique fitness goals? We want to ensure Penance Achieve is the right fit for you. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or contact us directly.

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Your feedback and opinions matter to us. What do you think about these differences? Have you tried any of these fitness options? Share your thoughts and experiences below!