This Week at Penance Gym (8/28-9/2)

It’s going to be a beautiful week and we have a great week of workouts lined up for our Penance Achieve program!

Without any unnecessary stalling…


We start out the week with an Armor workout and Strength session devoted to building strength & muscular endurance in our posterior chain and upper body pressing muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps…). This is a repeat for the workout and the strength portion so those that track their workouts will have targets to shoot for, which is very beneficial for progress.


We have our 2nd Armor workout and Strength session of the week, this time focused on our upper body pulling musculature and knee strength & health. The workout on this day aims to get a bit spicy, especially as the pace builds.


By mid-week we will flip the class set-up, performing our Strength portion first, then taking on a Power workout – both aimed at improving our core strength.


On Thursday we will have our 3rd and final Armor workout of the week – working to strength our pressing capabilities & lower back health. This will be followed by a Strength portion with the same intention.


We begin to close out the week (but start out the month) with our only Durability Day for this week – aimed at building our leg strength & endurance as well as our upper body pulling musculature.


On Saturday we will be testing (and building) strength in our posterior chain & shoulders in our Strength session with a high octane Power workout to follow.