This Week at Penance Gym (11/6 – 11/11)

It’s hard to believe we’re already in November – this year has flown by! Big question – and it may hurt to hear it – do you feel you are any better off right now than you were when this year started?

Now that I’ve stepped on some toes, let’s move on and look ahead to this week of training for our Penance Achieve classes. We have 2 strength benchmarks this week, and a handful of repeat workouts.


We start out this week testing a strength benchmark, then following that up with a Power workout with an emphasis on the posterior chain and upper body pressing.


On Tuesday we have our first Armor workout of the week followed by a dedicated strength session – both of which are focused on building our upper body pulling musculature and our knee strength & health.


By mid-week we will be training our core strength along with the mobility of our hips and shoulders through an Armor workout and a dedicated strength session.


We will begin the 2nd half of the week retesting a strength benchmark and following that with a Power workout that emphasizes the upper body pressing muscles as well as lower back strength & health.


We begin to close out the week with an Armor workout and dedicated strength session, both focused on building our squatting strength & endurance as well as developing our upper body pulling musculature.


We will end this week with the same focus as we started it – posterior chain & upper body pressing – but this time we will do so with the only Durability Day of this week.

If you have any questions on the structures or focuses listed here, if you want to know why we train the way that we train… Just ask, we’re here to help! Until then remember – More is not better, better is better!