This Week at Penance Gym (11/13 – 11/18)

I’m behind this week after an eventful day with homestead tasks, so without any wasted time here’s a 30,000 foot view of training this week at Penance Gym.


We start off this week with our 1st Armor workout, followed by a dedicated strength session – both focused on our upper body pulling musculature and knee health & strength.


Moving forward into Tuesday with another Armor workout and dedicated strength session, emphasizing core strength & endurance as well as shoulder & hip mobility.


By mid-week we’ll see our first Durability Day of the week, focused on our upper body pressing musculature and lower back health & strength.


On Thursday we’ll work on building our squatting strength and upper body pulling musculature with our 3rd and final Armor workout of the week, followed by a dedicated strength session.


We begin to close out the week with our only Power workout of this week, following the retesting of a strength benchmark. The workout will be emphasizing strength & endurance of the posterior chain and upper body pressing.


We will end the week with the same focus that we started with, upper body pulling musculature and knee health & strength – this time in a Durability Day.

If you have any questions on the structures or focuses listed here, or if you want to know why we train the way that we train… Just ask, we’re here to help! Until then remember – More is not better, better is better!