This Week at Penance Gym (10/30 – 11/4)

We have a great week of training ahead of us – a handful of repeat workouts, retesting a benchmark squat movement, and it’s a Double Durability Week.


We start this week off with our first Durability Day – placing extra emphasis on our squatting strength as well as upper body pulling musculature.


On Tuesday we will be focused on strengthening our posterior chain and upper body pressing strength & endurance, first with an Armor workout and then following that up with a dedicated strength session.


By mid-week we have our 2nd Armor workout and dedicated strength session, this time devoted to our upper body pulling muscles and knee strength & health.


On Thursday we have our 2nd Durability Day of the week, this time we are emphasizing our core strength & endurance, along with improving the mobility/health of our hips & shoulders.


We begin to round out the week of training with our 3rd Armor workout – focusing on building strength and endurance in our upper body pressing musculature and lower back. The workout will be followed by a dedicated strength session with the same focus.


On Saturday we have our only Power workout of this week, placing emphasis on our squatting strength and upper body pulling musculature. This is after retesting a strength benchmark, the Sandbag Squat.

Remember, at Penance Gym, we believe in quality over quantity—more isn’t always better, better is better. Our intentionally structured training sessions are designed not just to challenge you, but to bring out the best in you, ensuring optimal results and longevity in your fitness journey. Curious about where to start or how to up your game? Book a No-Sweat Intro with us and experience firsthand the benefits of purposeful training. Here’s to building a stronger, healthier you!