If You Don’t Think I Can Help You, You’re Right!

And you wouldn’t be alone. 

I’m not the right coach for everyone.

There have been a lot of people that I have been unable to help over the years.

People who didn’t trust me to help them. People who weren’t ready to make the necessary changes to reach their goals. People who wouldn’t share their personal struggles. People who believed that they knew more than I did. People who couldn’t put their ego to the side – even for their own benefit. People who trusted a random stranger on social media more than me. People who wanted different things than I was able to provide.

I can only help the people who want to be helped.

The coaching relationship is one that is built on mutual trust and respect. And if we don’t have a trusting relationship, I can’t help you reach your goals.

That means I’m going to . . . 

. . . tell you when I think something you saw on social media is too dangerous or irresponsible for you. 

. . . highlight habits and behaviors that are self-sabotaging. 

. . . refer you to medical professionals if you have something going on that I can’t help you with. 

. . . push you to go harder (or hold you back) when I know it’s in your best interest.

. . . encourage you to share your struggles and your fears in reaching your goals.

. . . share my professional opinion with you honestly. 

. . . stay within the boundaries of what I do best.

Developing this relationship of trust is essential because I know the road you have ahead of you is not easy. Being coached to reach goals that you have failed to reach in the past requires change. And not every client is prepared to make those necessary changes.

So, what type of clients am I the right coach for?

Clients who find success with me are ready to make a change. They have tried multiple times in the past and they’re tired of failing. They’ve come to the realization that they need someone to point out what’s been missing and help them break past it. It’s no longer about “being right or wrong”, it’s about getting what they want out of their lives.

Clients who find success with me value guidance. They don’t want to continue failing in isolation. They want someone who will help them clear the path to success. They don’t want to be handed a magic pill. They want to learn the keys to being successful so they can be independent.

Clients who find success with me are not looking for a quick fix. They’re not looking for a PR on their back squat or the ability to walk 20 yards on their hands. They just don’t want to die before it’s their time. They want the stamina to keep up with their family. They want to get back to activities they enjoyed when they were younger. They want good reports from their doctor. They want a lifestyle that brings them joy.

Being coached isn’t about getting through a tough workout. There are a ton of places that can offer you that. 

Being coached is about getting out of your own way. It’s about carrying the right attitude about your mindset and your habits. It’s about making necessary changes that will support your journey to reach your goals. 

It’s about getting what you need and not just what you want.

I’ve come to realize over the years that due to the way I approach someone’s health & fitness journey I am often not the first call they want to make, but I am likely the last call that they will have to make.