Dorian’s Story (So Far)

As a gym owner, coach, and advocate for strength training, I’ve witnessed countless success stories of individuals who have achieved significant physical improvements through consistent strength training. But recently, the story that hit closest to home was my own son’s.

In January, our pediatrician diagnosed my 12-year-old son (Dorian) with mild scoliosis. As any parent would be, I was concerned about the health, development, and well-being of my child. The primary recommendation made by our doctor was strength training. Fortunately, a week before his diagnosis, we had already enrolled him into our gym’s group training sessions. Our initial intention was to help him build his physical & mental strength and boost his confidence.

My son’s time in the gym became even more meaningful after his diagnosis. Three days a week, he diligently showed up, embracing the routine and pushing himself under careful supervision. Not only did the experience offer a chance for us to bond, but it also allowed me to witness firsthand the profound changes that strength training can bring about. Beyond the physical improvements, his newfound confidence shone through. He began taking the initiative more often, tackling tasks, chores, and projects with enthusiasm and perseverance. When things got tough, he no longer backed down.

Fast forward to October, after months of consistency, determination, and hard work, we received the news every parent hopes for: my son’s back had straightened itself. No invasive procedures, no uncomfortable braces – just the transformative power of focused strength training.

This experience has solidified my belief in the benefits that strength training can have for all. It’s not just about building muscles or improving athletic performance; it’s about rehabilitating, rejuvenating, and transforming our bodies and minds in ways we may have never thought possible.

To any parent who might be facing a similar situation, I’d like to offer this piece of advice: explore the potential of strength training. With the right guidance and environment, the results might just surprise you as they have surprised me.