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History of Penance Gym – Part 1

As we’re coming up on our anniversary in our facility, I’d like to take a relatively brief trip down memory lane. I’m going to try to keep this fairly short (3 posts or so), but I also believe that it’s important that I’m fairly transparent

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All Roads Lead to Rome – Different Paths to Success

Now that we’ve turned the wheel into 2021, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward with hope for a better year. With hope and optimism comes the opportunity for personal growth. We see a lot of that at Penance this time of the year.

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Sits Progressions to Prevent Low Back Issues.

Last post we covered how to passively break out of an exaggerated lumbar curve (hyperlordosis). Today let’s cover how to actively hold the neutral spine! “The Sits” holds from gymnastics is the perfect way to strengthen your Anterior Chain (core) while also stretching and decompressing

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Preventing Back Issues

For the most part, we all know that core strength is essential for lower back health as we age. But for the majority of us, there is an even more crucial step that we need to take 1st – breaking out of Hyperlordosis and working

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Testimonial – Mandy

“I originally came to Penance to provide moral support for my sister, who signed us up for the 6 week challenge class. I had been active and stayed in shape most of my life, but had severely fallen off the wagon… HARD 🤣 I was

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Testimonial – Mindy

Approximately 5 years ago, Carrie Smith approached me with an invitation to join her in an introductory class at CrossFit Penance. I was very hesitant to accept her invitation. Why, I was 60 years old, and I knew I would be largely outnumbered by 20,30,

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Testimonial – Rube Scott (Penance Athletics)

“Penance is the best place to go in order to be the best athlete you can be. Coach Clint knows what workouts benefit athletes the most, and he also knows which ones aren’t as effective when it comes to translating on-field play. If I could

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The Origins of Penance Athletics

Growing up, I was a very skinny kid… like Ichabod Crane could’ve been my beefy cousin. And I regularly received comments regarding my body or weight, whether I wanted to hear them or not.  From coaches informing me that I needed to add 20lbs to

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