You Don’t Want a Gym Membership

No one does. Just like no one ever wanted a 1/4″ drill bit – they needed a 1/4″ hole drilled.

The gym is a tool, same as the drill bit. Tools are meant to serve a purpose, and each serves its own purpose.

In the world of fitness and health – and more specifically gyms – there are 2 very different types of tools available.

There are access-facilities: these are your $10-25/month – come in and figure it out, facilities. For some people these are awesome, they may even be overkill. For quite a while I worked with only bodyweight exercises at my apartment and stayed in great shape, not to mention calisthenics athletes.

But for those of us that do not have any kind of experience with athletics or physical training – these facilities can lead to confusion, lack of progress, frustration, and the new gym-goer eventually quitting all-together. They needed more – they needed guidance, instruction, accountability, perspective, you name it.

This is where the other end of the spectrum comes in. These are coaching facilities. Designed to actually offer the help needed by people without experience inside a gym – or those that would rather be able to step inside the gym and get to work, without having to try to figure out what they should do each day.

Obviously these facilities are worth much much more than the equipment inside the walls as they are able to offer a higher chance of adherence and a better chance of success.

What each individual has to ask themselves when they are thinking of starting their health and fitness journey: Which type of service do you feel best sets you up for success?

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