Why Strength Train?

This weekend Rachel and I volunteered to help some of our friends load the vast majority of their house into a semi-trailer. They are preparing to move across the state within the week, and some help was definitely needed in order to prepare for the move.

I was reminded as we rounded out our day, and again when getting out of bed the next morning as to the importance of strength training.

Each of us was able to carry our weight (pun intended) and neither of us woke up feeling sore or hindered the next day – able to carry out the tasks that we had before us!

Everyone has their own reasons (their “Why“) for working out, for me it is to be capable and productive – to be able to lend a helping hand to those around me, without having to wonder if this is going to leave me injured and unable to function afterwards (I have seen that happen too many times from those close to me growing up).

This is why we focus our training and workouts at Penance Gym around functional strength training exercises that carry over to the real world, in purposely designed intervals that allow each class participant to get the workout that is appropriate for their abilities and goals each day.

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