Weight Loss Goals?

If you have decided to lose weight or get leaner this year, then I offer up 2 suggestions:

  1. PALEO! I can not emphasize this enough! Removing grains from your diet and focusing on meats & vegetables leads to weight loss. Rachel and I went 100% Paleo 4 years ago and I lost 20 lbs within 6 weeks, and my energy and work capacity went drastically up during this time!
  2. 10 Minute Kettlebell Swings! This is something that I tried roughly 7 years ago, it was actually the 1st thing that I ever did with kettlebells. I bought a 50 lb kettlebell from Sports Authority and would do 10 minutes of Swings every morning (before my coffee) on my front porch. In 1 month, I dropped almost 20 lbs. Rachel had a similar result, but with the added bonus of, as she says it, “lifting her butt.” 

There you have it, 2 quick tips if you are trying to lose weight this year, pick 1 or do both (best option!). 

Good Luck!

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