Just tell me what to do

“Just tell me what to do.” – A statement heard very regularly in our Penance Achieve classes, usually referring to what weights someone should use, but today we will look at a bigger topic.

What weekly schedule should a member be aiming for?

The ideal weekly schedule to deliver optimal results consists of 4x Penance gym workouts per week. The basic equation and best advice we can give you is to commit to a consistent four-day/week schedule with us. Along with this we’d recommend 2 days of either Passion-Driven workouts or Active Rest Days, and 1 day of complete rest per week.

We understand that our workouts are physically and mentally tough, and sometimes you have to convince yourself to show up and put in the work. Passion-Driven activities should not feel the same.

Now I understand that for some of our members, their Penance Achieve class is their Passion-Driven activity, and that is ok too! As we explained here, your efforts will naturally ebb & flow over the course of each week.

Weekly Targets:

  • 4x Penance Achieve Workouts (Per Week)
  • 2x Passion-Driven Activity -or- Active Rest Days (Per Week)
  • 1x Day Off (Per Week)

Complementary Movement:

  • Passion-Driven Activity = Yoga, Cycle, HotWorx, Jiu Jitsu , Pilates
  • Active Rest Day = Easy Movement with No Agenda (Ex. Golf, Kayaking, Hiking)
  • Day Off = Complete Rest

Once you commit to your ideal weekly schedule, stick to it 90% of the time, and the proprietary program design will take care of itself. Do this, and we promise you results!

We also realize that schedules and family dynamics differ for everyone. For those who cannot commit to this exact regimen, shoot for 2-3 Penance workouts per week, and you will still see large improvements in your strength, fitness, and health. Even more so if you can adhere to our nutrition recommendations.

And for those of you who leverage Penance to complement your primary fitness discipline (i.e., distance running, competitive cycling, etc.), we highly encourage carving 2x sessions with us into your weekly training schedule to support some serious performance improvements! This is even more effective if you maintain the same 2 days each week.

Embracing a consistent routine doesn’t mean giving up spontaneity or freedom. Instead, it offers a foundation of discipline, which can pave the way for greater achievements and a more balanced lifestyle. A dedicated routine ensures you’re giving your body and mind the regular attention they need to thrive. Every step, every workout, every rest day—they all contribute to your overall growth. So while it’s essential to be flexible and adapt when life’s challenges come our way, remember that a consistent routine is a powerful ally in your fitness journey. It’s not the enemy; it’s the compass guiding you towards your goals.