It’s your workout

February 1st, 2021 we made a fundamental change to the workouts of our Penance Achieve classes – switching from the typical “here’s the workout, finish it as fast as possible” or “go as heavy as possible” to a Strength-Driven Interval Based structured workout design with designated work and rest time periods that change based on the focus of the day’s workout.

We did this primarily for 2 reasons (and I’ll try to keep this brief although if you’d like to discuss the nuts and bolts of it more, email me directly –

1. It’s YOUR workout.

Your goals and limitations are your own. What you are trying to achieve is different from the people in the class with you. With the interval based structure, you have the ability to quickly make a workout yours. Want to get stronger? Go a bit heavier and be prepared to rest more. Want to build your cardio? Stay a bit lighter with the goal to move at a steady pace with minimal down time or rest.

Not to mention, your current state of soreness and recovery. Sore or running on low sleep? Be prepared to move a little slower with lighter weight. Feeling energetic and ready to go? It’s a good day to push the weight and the pace!

2. It’s your WORKOUT!

There’s been a growing trend over the last 15 years, to pound yourself into the floor every day in the gym. But, what good is all the work that you put in the gym, if you’re left exhausted and worthless for the rest of the day.

Or are ALWAYS too sore to function outside the gym.

Or even worse, racing the clock led to form breakdown and injury…

That is not constructive for anyone’s health, and we wanted better for the people that trust us with their health.

What should you take from this?

If you’re looking for workouts that will have you racing the clock and your classmates, leaving you gasping on the floor each and every day – we’re probably not the place for you.

If you’re in the market to improve your health and increase your capacity to live your life better – wanting to use your 1 hour in the gym to make the other 23 hours of your day better. We’re the place you’re looking for, schedule your free consultation by clicking that Free Intro button!