Turning Point for Penance Gym

I remember this day like it was yesterday. 

I was a little over 5 weeks out from a competition in Alabama and a little over 5 weeks from when I injured my lower back.

I mentioned it to very few people back then…

Some days were better than others – some days I had to psyche myself up to reach for my toes or slip on shoes. But this day I remember I finally had hope! Hope that I could turn it around, that I could actually heal the injury that had crept up on me over the previous months.

This also was the turning point with how I not only ran my own training, but also the training of the athletes, members, and clients that had entrusted me with their health and performance.

During this injury my eyes were opened to how flawed the methods and techniques that the fitness industry had preached for so very long. Poor methodologies & unnecessary risk that were being had on a daily basis all in the pursuit of “better health”.

During this injury I realized that if I truly wanted to create a healthier community around me, I would have to solve bigger, more painful issues and create a space where all levels and abilities truly felt welcome.

It would still be another 2 years before I would build up the nerve to pull the trigger on changing how we do things at Penance Gym – and even longer before I was able to actually put into words how we do things differently.

We focus on the essential and the effective without the fluff and filler.

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