This Week At Penance


Starting the week off focused on building the strength of our knees and our squatting pattern. We’re beginning the week with an Armor workout centered around the Goblet Squat, Kettlebell Swing, and Airbike – Oh my!

Armor workouts are great for new and seasoned members alike because this structure allows members to increase weight as the workout progresses.


We come out of the knee focus of Monday into a Strength & Power workout that is focused on our Upper Body Pulling muscles. The pulling muscles – our upper back, posterior shoulder, and biceps even – are very important as they are responsible for the overall health of our shoulders and even benefit the health of our spine and neck in the long term. This is becoming even more evident as our daily lives are becoming increasingly harmful to our necks, shoulders, and upper spine.

Power workouts are absolutely as hard as a member wants to make them. The structure encourages members to work with very challenging weights so a more experienced member may finish this style workout laying in a pool of sweat while a newer member may feel like they didn’t do very much, although they absolutely did.


Mid-week we slow things down just a bit with a Durability workout that is focused on the backside of the body, the posterior chain.

The vast majority of the adult population complains of lower back problems, moving and strengthening the posterior chain – hamstrings, glutes, lower & middle back – is of utmost importance if you want to reverse these problems and have a healthy back for years to come.

Durability workouts are all about maintaining a sustainable pace. These are longer workouts and the workload really adds up to help build better joint health by improving connective tissue strength.


After a longer duration workout on Wednesday, we go into another Strength & Power workout day. This time around it will be focused on our pressing muscles.

These Strength + Power days allow us to work with more challenging weights and build more lean muscle tissue. More lean muscle tissue equals a faster metabolism! Faster metabolism means better energy and more calories burned, even at rest!


As we look toward the end of the week we have an Armor & Strength workout that is focused on our Core (although I hate using that term as it’s been overused and diluted) musculature. Most of the activity based back injuries (meaning the person was injured while playing a sport, working out, etc.) come a collapse of the lumbar spine due to a weak mid-section. Simple terms – when the abs let go the stress is shifted to the spine, the weakest point in the stacked vertebrae is the L4-L5 point. This is why this is the most common place for bulging or herniated discs.

Want to fix it?

Strengthen your mid-section. That is what our focus on Friday is this week!


We close out our week in Penance Achieve with an Armor & Strength workout focused on our Squatting ability along with some upper body work to help keep our shoulders strong and healthy.

It is no surprise that we do not shy away from working our lower body at Penance Gym. There are reasons for that, as there is a reason for everything that we do. Training the large musculature of your lower body offers many hormonal and metabolic benefits. Couple this with the fact that most of us in the civilized world lose our natural ability to squat as we age. This is an essential pattern, and most will not realize that fact until it is almost too late.

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