This Week at Penance (Thanksgiving)

Obviously this week is a special week and we will also be taking some time to be home with our families – I hope many of you do the same.

That being said, we will be open from Monday to Wednesday and I always want to see as many of our members in attendance, working and pushing each other toward a healthier life.


We start the week off with a Core focused Strength session & Power workout. Direct and intentional core work often gets overlooked in most training programs, or often consisting of mindless sit-ups and crunches. But proper core strength is 1 of your best defenses against lower back problems, even more so when coupled with adequate lower back strength (which we work to strengthen quite often at Penance).


We go into Tuesday with a Durability workout that is focused on the strength & muscular endurance of our legs – with a combination of Squats (that get heavier as the workout progresses) and fast sled pushes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Durability workouts are great for all levels as the longer work time in the intervals allows athletes of all levels to get a productive workout.


Our last day before the holiday will be focused on our Pulling musculature. We have an Armor workout and a Strength session that are designed with the intention of building strength and endurance (as well as kick starting the metabolism) in our upper backs & arms, along with some work in the hips and lower back.

Thursday – Saturday

For most this is a very busy few days, and as such we will be releasing at home workouts. These are all short workouts that will require no equipment, the key is to set aside a few minutes to take care of yourself.

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