This Week at Penance Gym

Monday 9/12/2022 we will be honoring the lives lost in 9/11/2001 in what has become our traditional way. Over the course of the day, outside of our actual workout, we will be completing 2,977 Push Ups – 1 for every life lost in 9/11. We all will contribute what we can toward that number, but we will be as 1 team to get toward that goal.

Later this week we begin to take on our Penance Gain-Day workouts. If you are not familiar with these – they are a series of 4 workouts spread over 4 weeks. We repeat them twice a year, the purpose being to allow members to dig deep, push themselves, and celebrate the strength and capabilities that they have built over the last 6 months! They are hard, each in their own way!

This week, we are taking on the first of the 4 Penance Gain Day workouts. I can not wait to see progress for those that have been in the gym working hard!

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