This Week at Penance (11/7 – 11/12)

We have a great week ahead of us at Penance Gym. This week we have 2 Power Days and 4 repeat workouts – 1 of which being a special workout for Veterans Day.

Put that together with the fact that we are beginning to see many of our Football Players returning to Penance Athletics as their seasons close out.


We start out the week with an Armor workout and a Strength session focused on the posterior chain – in plain English, the backside of the body. Quite possibly the biggest contributor to lower back pain and problems – along with knee problems – is a weakness or dysfunction in the posterior chain. When these muscles are doing their job properly, you are more capable and do not deal with back or knee pain!


Tuesday we have a Strength session focused on our Pressing ability. Members will have a choice between working with Dumbbell Bench Press or Weighted Push Ups, along with some shoulder pre-habilitation work. We then finish off the day with our first repeat workout of the week – a Power workout that is 20 minutes of high intensity work.

Power Days are great days for newer members to get some practice in with the exercises on the menu for the day. But for members that have been with us for a while and are comfortable with the exercises, these days are especially challenging as Power workouts are all about moving a challenging weight fast.


Mid-week we are back to an Armor workout and a Strength session – this time focused on the musculature of the mid-section or core. Armor workouts are great for all fitness levels as members are encouraged to work up in weight or intensity as the workout progresses. This allows everyone to get more comfortable with the exercises as they move, and progress as they feel able. This is also where the group atmosphere really shines – you could call it peer pressure, but really it’s peer support!


For Thursday we have our only Durability workout of the week, which is also a repeat workout from early July. Although we have already seen different variations of squats this week, this is going to be our leg day this week. Between Step-ups, Sled Push, and Airbike the legs are going to be very thoroughly stressed today. But nothing kicks the metabolism in high gear like firing up your legs, those large muscle groups burn through lots of calories to recover.


Veterans Day, and as such I collaborated with a veteran to produce our workout for this day. It is a repeat, and is a great challenge – physically & mentally.


We finish out the week with the only Strength session and Power workout that revolve around the Pulling musculature. Between Rows, Reverse Flyes, and Farmer Carries the arms and upper back will be getting plenty of attention today. Then our Power workout is our last repeat workout of the week – continuing to hit the upper back and arms, but now also bringing a challenging to the bracing muscles of the mid-section/core.

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