This Week at Penance (11/14 – 11/18)

One more full week of workouts before the week of Thanksgiving – and it’s going to be a good one.

This week is a Double Durability week, and every workout has been done previously in our Achieve program. This may seem like arbitrary information but repeating a workout offers our members an opportunity to aim to beat their previous results on that workout. This is the absolute simplest way to make progress toward a health and fitness goal.


We start out our week with a Durability workout. Durability workouts are great for members with all levels of experience – they are designed with longer work intervals so everyone is guaranteed to have a productive training session.

This workout places an emphasis on the pressing muscles and is a repeat from mid-July, combining Dumbbells, Boxes, and Sandbags.


Tuesday we focus in on our core/mid-line musculature with an Armor workout & strength session. We design Armor workouts with the intention of having members increase intensity (weight, speed, etc…) as the workout progresses. This can be a great way to build strength and confidence in exercises, even in a fatigued state.

Our strength portion on this day includes 1 of my all-time favorite exercises, the Full Get-Ups. You would be hard-pressed to find a joint that is not stressed and strengthen during this 1 movement, but it really shines with strengthening and mobilizing the shoulder girdle.


By mid-week we will get to what could easily be termed “Leg Day” – a strength portion and a Power workout emphasizing the squat pattern. Front Squats in the strength portion then Gut Squats (with some very short distance running) in the Power workout.

Power workouts seem to get mixed reactions. A newer member with less experience will feel less intensity from this structure of workout as they are not able to push their weight selection yet. Whereas a member with more experience and confidence in the exercises could end up pushing a workout like this to a very uncomfortable level.


By Thursday we come back to another Armor workout and strength session, this time emphasizing the pulling musculature. Between Dumbbell Snatches, Cleans, and Pull Ups you are all but assured to thoroughly challenge (and develop) your pulling strength. But in case anything is missed, we finish off the day with a strength session that calls for slow and controlled movement, ensuring that those shoulders stay healthy for the long term.


For our second Durability workout of the week, we are focused on the posterior chain. These are the muscles that you can’t see in the mirror, but they are also the muscles that contribute to our greatest strength capabilities, as well as the overall health and function of our lower backs.


Finishing out the week with an Armor workout and strength session. Today we’ll be focused on the pressing musculature, but there will be plenty of movement for the legs and hips as we’ll be including heavy Kettlebell Swings and Air Squats as well.

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