This Week at Penance (10/31 – 11/5)

What an awesome week we have planned at Penance Gym. It’s a Double Durability Week & we have 4 repeats!

Durability Days are longer duration workouts with less rest. There is an emphasis to maintain a sustainable pace throughout the workout. As such these are great workouts for newer members and veterans alike as their basic design means everyone gets an incredibly effective & productive workout.

Repeat workouts are a great tool that we utilize to help push our members as well as celebrate their progress. If members track their workouts (through an app that we provide) they can easily monitor their compounding progress. This makes any training exponentially more effective!


Starting the week off with a Durability workout that is focused on our Upper Body Pulling Strength and Endurance. This will be a combination of Bodyweight, Kettlebells, and Weighted Sit-Ups over a longer workout.


Tuesday members will have a chance to build some Strength in the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and lower back) and even have the chance to flip some tires if they want. Tuesday’s workout is the first repeat workout of the week, with a Power Workout from mid-July.


Mid-week we’ll be working on our Upper Body Pressing Strength & Endurance with an Armor Workout repeated from mid-June, followed by a Strength portion that employs Dumbbell Bench Press (or Weighted Push Ups) along with some rotator cuff work to keep those shoulders feeling good.


By Thursday we are ready for our 2nd Durability workout of this week. And we are focusing on our Core/Mid-line. This is an often overlooked aspect of our health, but the stronger your mid-line is the less likely you are to suffer from back pain or devastating back injury.


Friday this week could be affectionately called “Leg Day.” We have a repeat Armor workout – with a tweak – followed by a Strength portion that focused on the Gut Squat. If you have never performed the Sandbag Gut Squat, you are missing out on a tremendous leg and glute builder. It is a personal favorite within Penance Gym for members of all walks of life (Penance Athletics included).


Finishing out our week in the same manner in which we started – focused on the Upper Body Pulling Strength – this time with an Armor Workout & and Strength portion.

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