The Power of Surrender

Each of us reaches a point in our lives, where we realize for one reason or another, that the path we are taking is no longer working for us.  Whether it’s working for a company that does not value you, a relationship that’s reached its expiration date, or following lifestyle habits that do not improve the quality of your life.  When we reach that point, we start looking for solutions.  But in looking for solutions, we still want to do it “our way”.  Which is why there are so many quick fixes on the market today.  Workout videos promise amazing results in only minutes a day.  Or mail order meal plans promise to make the pounds slide off in no time.  You hand over your credit card number for a finite time period, see results, and then resort to previous behaviors.  Then the frustration sets in because you slid backwards.  Again.

So, what is Surrender?

The dictionary defines surrender as “to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent, and submit to their authority”.  A very simple, yet still very scary sentence.  When we think of submitting to another person’s authority, we think about that person having dominance over us, and us being subordinate to them.  Yuck!  No one wants to be made to feel that they are “less than” what they truly are.  If you are able to change your mindset to see that the unhealthy behaviors are your enemy, and that by submitting to the advice and direction of our knowledgeable coaches, then your surrender actually turns into empowerment.

How does surrender work?

Surrender works when you willingly accept the help that is offered to you by our coaches.  You will begin to see progress.  But it will be slow.  The reason that our coaches are so effective at what they do, is because they know what it takes to help you achieve your goals.  We know that each person is different.  And not just in our individual genetic make-up.  One member may have mobility issues.  Another member may have food allergies.  Our coaches offer guidance, support, and targeted advice aimed at keeping you down the path that gets you the results you want.  You have to be willing to admit that doing it “your way”, did not get you the results you wanted.  You have to be willing to follow the direction and advice of the coaches in our facility.  And then you have to do it.

Why is surrender so hard?

In a nutshell, it’s because you have to give up control.  You have to acknowledge that in order to get what you want, you have to do what someone else tells you to do.  And that’s hard.  Especially since there is a lot of misinformation circulating about health and nutrition.  We all have specific goals for specific reasons.  Not everyone wants to lose weight.  We’ve seen goals ranging from getting off the floor without assistance, to running a 5k, to getting off of a daily maintenance medication.  People come for different reasons.  But the heart of the goal is always the same – people want help changing their lives.  And they want to make sure they’re not degraded in the process.

Turning surrender into empowerment.

When you surrender to the process that our coaches painstakingly plan for you, you are empowering yourself to live a better life than you could have ever imagined possible.  You are creating opportunities for yourself that you may not previously have imagined were possible for you.  Life opens up to you like never before.  You find the courage to leave that ungrateful job, the strength to remove yourself from your dead relationship, and the unimaginable joy that good health brings.  There is power in surrender.  And that power is you.

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