The Ignite Guideline Series – #5

Nutrition Is Crucial

This is where the rubber meets the road.

First, I want to start out by debunking some nutrition myths starting with the word diet.  Say it with me – “Diets are good!!”.  A diet is how you nourish your body.  It’s how you’re going to load yourself up with all those delicious meals that are packed full of nutrients and reach your goals faster and more effectively.  A diet is not deprivation.

Now, let me blow your mind.

We.  Want.  You.  To.  Eat.


We will just help you to make more nutritious choices.  We need you to feed your body well so you can reach the goals you told the coaches about if you followed the 3rd guideline.  Because once you start moving your body, you’re going to be hungry.  Some days you’ll be ravenous.  You need to feed your new muscles the best food possible.  That means appropriate portions of nutrient-dense produce, lean meats and healthy fats.  Making the right diet choices for your body will help decrease muscle soreness, help you recover faster, and help you reach your goals sooner.  You just need to make the best choices possible for your body.

The first thing you should do is talk to one of the coaches.  There is a lot of contradictory nutrition information floating around.  Especially on the internet.  And you can probably find scientific studies to back up just about any way of eating that you’d like to follow.  Our coaches can help you learn to track your meals and devise a game plan to make small goals and outline the steps to help you get to where you want to be.

Here are the basics in a nutshell:

  • Find the healthiest protein you can afford and eat it in appropriate-sized portions.  A portion the size of your individual palm is the perfect amount FOR YOU.
  • Eat the rainbow in the produce department.  Every richly-colored fruit and vegetable is on the table – and they’re loaded with the fiber and nutrients your body needs.
  • Fats are good.  Keep your focus on plant-based fats like nuts, seeds and avocados, and cook with coconut or olive oils when you can.  Your body needs some fat every day, but even the healthy fats are still fats.  Eat them in moderation.
  • Processed sugars are not your friend.  Eliminate all sweeteners if possible and especially the processed and artificial sugars. If you really need to use a sweetener, natural sugars like honey or maple syrup are best.  But they’re still sweeteners, so use them in moderation, too.  And please avoid sweetened drinks whenever possible!!  The best thing to wash down all these amazingly healthy foods is crystal clean water.

As you transition your eating habits to healthier choices, you will find that your cravings change and your taste buds will begin to work the way they are supposed to.  Eliminating processed foods from your diet will re-wire your taste buds to truly savor the more nutritious meals you’re eating and you’ll begin to be more satisfied with what you’re eating.  The best way to keep yourself on the path to success is to meal plan.  You can plan to cook your meals one or two days per week, and the great thing is that you will always have foods prepared and ready to eat.  Whether you’re running late to work, or famished at the end of a long day, you can avoid the lure of drive-thru meals or convenience store snacks because you’ll have healthy foods already waiting on you at home.

Strength training and conditioning will only do so much for you.  The amount of time that we get to see you each week is minimal when you factor in the rest of your lifestyle, work, and family obligations,  Your nutritional choices will be a bigger determining factor related to your health and fitness goals, than any weight you can lift or how fast you can run a mile.  The better you prepare yourself and the healthier your meal choices are, the faster you’ll reach your goals.

Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle is a must in order to stay healthy.  But poor food choices will win out, no matter how active you are.

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