The Ignite Guideline Series – #3

Communicate Your Needs And Goals

What brought you into Fitness?  Was it something as simple as wanting fun fitness in a group environment?  Or was it more?  Do you have physical limitations?  Are you recovering from surgery or looking for healthier life habits to avoid the possibility of future surgeries?  Did medical concerns bring you in?  Do you need accountability with your nutritional choices?  What can we do to help you create a better life?

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, we need you to communicate your needs and goals with us.  Our coaches are real people – and they understand intimately what it means to struggle with health-related issues.  Tell us where you are, so we can meet you at your level.  Speak up and tell our coaches what movements are difficult for you to perform.  Their job is to keep you safe.  If you can’t do the workout, they need to know how to modify your workout to keep you from getting injured.

Plan to come in early before your first class, especially if you’ve never visited us before.  Make a point of seeking out the coach to talk about your needs.  Then make sure you regularly check in with the coach before class.  This helps keep you accountable with your goals, and it also helps keep the coach updated on any concerns you are working through.  As your time with us grows, you will steadily see progress toward your goals and they’ll even change.  The coaches can also offer you nutritional advice when you are ready to take control of your eating.

As much as we love talking about it – and as impressive as it is – we do not train Fitness Games athletes in our gym.  We train middle school teachers, nurses, and IT technicians.  Our members are regular people – just like you – who are here making sure they have the opportunity to live healthier lives for their families.  Regardless if you’re recovering from joint surgery or just general low muscle tone due to lack of movement, the modifications we do ensure that Fitness is for every body.

We love helping people.  Nothing makes us happier than to know that we have helped you make your life better.  We just need to know how to help you do that and the more you communicate with us, the better we are able to help you reach your goals.

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