The Ignite Guideline Series -#2

Be Ready To Learn A New Language

WoD, AMRAP, EMOM, DKB – what in the world are we talking about??

We use a special language and shorthand in Fitness.  We use acronyms to help us communicate a lot of information quickly.  It also helps our athletes to understand the next step of the workout quickly if they’ve lost track of where they are.  We have a little less than 30 minutes per class with you.  And since our workouts are relatively short, we need to communicate new information quickly and effectively.  Our “special” language helps us do that.

It can seem overwhelming the first few weeks, to look at the Whiteboard full of acronyms and not understand a word of it.

I’ll help you out with some of the most common ones, and if you follow guideline #1, your mere presence in the gym will help you learn the others quickly.

WoD – Workout of the Day.  Each day’s workout will be different.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible.  You will have a specific time limit to do as many rounds or reps of the workout as you possibly can.  This will be fast and you will get very winded very quickly.

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute.  During the WoD, you will have a specific movement to do every minute on the minute for the length of the workout.

Round – A complete series of movements in the workout.  Ex: 200 meter run, 20 squats, 10 push ups = 1 Round

Rep – The number of times you need to complete a specific movement.  Ex: the above Round has 20 reps of squats and 10 reps of push ups.

RX – As prescribed.  To do the workout as it’s written without any modifications.

Scaled – The modification of the RX movement.  Ex: riding the bike in place of running to save sore knees.

This is far from a complete list.  These are just a couple of the few we use most often.  Please don’t expect to learn what it all means quickly.  Our coaches always go over the workout at the beginning of each class with the whole group.  Everyone is encouraged to ask questions to make sure they understand what’s expected.  And new movements are always demonstrated.  If you have any questions on what something means, please ask!  Our coaches also know that you are new and they will be there with you while you complete the workout – both to monitor your form and also to help you remember the series of movements.

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