The Ignite Guideline Series #1

Come As Often As Possible

This is the BEST way to learn the culture of the gym, the layout, and build the necessary relationships with our coaches.  Which is also why it’s our very first guideline.

Other than the fact that we really do want to see your smiling face and get to know you better, we tell you to come as much as possible for a multitude of reasons.  First, if you are not used to exercising, playing sports, or otherwise being active, it will be really easy for you to talk yourself out of coming.  You have goals that brought you in here and getting your body moving is going to help you reach those goals.  The second is that when you start really moving your body around for the first time in a long time, you’re going to be sore.  Moving your body more often when your muscles hurt is better for their recovery.  Third, the more you come, the more you get to practice new movements.  Practice will make you more proficient.  And that will quickly boost your confidence in your abilities.

Exercise is a healthy habit that leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle.  But if you’re not in the practice of it, it can be a hard habit to get established.  Experts are now estimating that it takes approximately 66 days to get new habits to stick.  That’s 66 individual days of active work, not counting weekends or days off in between.  With our Ignite Fitness class, that’s well over six months of classes.  Changing behaviors is hard work.  Especially when you’re adding brand new habits to your lifestyle.  The plus side to being in the gym as often as you can, is that you will quickly become comfortable with each coach’s unique style, learn the members in and around your class time, make new friends and feel more confident.

When you start moving your body in new ways, it will be sore.  Especially if you aren’t used to weight or resistance training.  And while Ignite uses light and body-weight movements, the way our workouts are put together will still leave you sore and sweaty.  Post-workout soreness is generally at its worst two days after you exercise.  Our coaches are able to offer stretches and techniques designed to help your body recover better when they are able to see you more often.  The upside is that the soreness fades in a few weeks as your body adjusts to new movements and higher levels of activity.  But actively moving sore muscles helps you recover faster.

No workout here is ever the same.  What that means is that every time you come in here, the series of movements that are strung together are different.  But the movements themselves don’t change – sit ups, push-ups, pull ups, swings, running, bike riding, jumping rope, etc.  We practice the movements repeatedly for many reasons – to perfect technique, to avoid injury, and to just plain get better at them.  Many of the movements you will learn in Ignite are foundation movements.  That means as you advance and eventually move into the Fitness program, you will build upon what you learned in Ignite.

By coming to every class that you possibly can, you are giving yourself the best foundation for success through commitment and consistency.  The goals that brought you through our doors will become much easier to attain once you are in the habit of coming to the gym regularly.  You may also find that you enjoy the challenging workouts and easily find confidence in how your body moves and performs now that you are exercising regularly.

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