The Fountain of Youth Stretching Routine

The more time I spend helping people improve how they feel and look, the more commonalities that I find. Our inordinate amount of time spent at a desk, in a vehicle, or scrolling screens is leaving us with very tight/short chest, upper traps, and groins.

This pattern of tightness slowly leads to a vicious cycle of chronic headaches, back pain, knee pain, shoulder problems, and eventual nerve issues further down the extremities. [Janda’s Upper Cross Syndrome anyone]

These pains then have us thinking that we’re too far gone to do anything about it, that “it’s just part of getting old”.

Getting older is inevitable (or at least it’s the better option) but how you age is up to you. Personally I choose to Age Athletically!

With that being said, I offer up the Ageless 8 – a stretching routine that is designed to begin to reverse the ill effects of Father’s Time cruely.

Active release (roll):

Upper Body: Focus on Traps, Pecs, and upper back – Spend at least 1 minute on each side for the Traps/Upper Back, then another minute for the Pecs.

Lower Body: Focus on IT Band and Groin – Allot about 1 minute for each side with the IT Band and Groins (warning: the IT Band is very uncomfortable the first time you do it)


10x Tabletop

10x Straight Bridges

5/side Child’s Pose with Lat Bias

5/side Rocking Groin Stretch

5x Bootstrap & Reach

5/side Windmills

Give these a shot for the next few weeks. From start to finish these stretches can take 10-15 minutes and worth every second of it!

Have any questions, send them my way and I’ll be happy to help.

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