Testimonial – Rube Scott (Penance Athletics)

Penance is the best place to go in order to be the best athlete you can be.

Coach Clint knows what workouts benefit athletes the most, and he also knows which ones aren’t as effective when it comes to translating on-field play. If I could have done one thing differently in my high school career it would have been to come to Clint’s sooner… Clint puts together workouts that you most likely wouldn’t see in any of your schools lifting programs, and he targets movements that will directly correlate to your in-game performance. I’ve been coming since December [’19], and I have never felt bigger, faster, stronger, or more explosive than I do right now. Clint’s is the real deal, and I would highly recommended athletes of any sport that are serious about maximizing their potential to attend Penance.”

-Rube Scott

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