Success Stories – Angie

“In April of 2020, I tore my ACL. As a 45+ year old, I was somewhat discouraged by the doctor to have surgery, as healing takes longer and I had pretty extensive arthritis from a previous ACL surgery. But, having experienced it once before, and knowing “me”, I proceeded. Pssh…I got this!

Meh…not so much.

The surgeon was great; rehab, well…could have been better. Six months of physical therapy, my knee still felt unstable and painful. Stairs were still a HUGE obstacle, to be taken one leg at a time. And absolutely no way I’d ever get back on a horse in that condition.

I began to wonder, even accept, that this was just how my life was going to be now.

I continued with my at home exercises, but nothing really seemed to change.

About 9 months after surgery, I saw Clint’s (PENANCE Owner) videos on Facebook. A very tiny “pull through the heel” instruction about lunges let me go from quite a painful exercise, to “OH! Like that!”  With that one little tip, my technique changed and eliminated a good deal of pain.

Why did no one in therapy ever mention that???? I continued watching his posts, picking up tips here and there. He seemed to genuinely care about quality of life and helping people overcome their limitations.

I decided to work with him one on one to see if he could help me regain strength, stability, and confidence.

And he did!

He found the reason my knee was “sticking”, and fixed it. I eventually stopped wondering if my knee was going to give out.

Six weeks in, I was doing more than I’d done in six MONTHS of therapy. I was making big strides at home, no longer needing help to move that dang hay hut around! Stairs…those pesky stairs became an afterthought. I began taking the stairs again at work, and “accidentally” bounded up them one day without thinking! I didn’t seek a handrail or wall to help steady me. And it didn’t hurt! I quit worrying and doubting my strength.

But, MOST importantly, I got back on the horse…literally! There are no words to describe that feeling!

So, can Clint [PENANCE] help YOU? If you tell him everything…detail your worries, concerns, pains, limitations, where you want to go and what you want to do…I truly believe he can. He listens to his clients. He has a genuine drive to HELP people. But most of all, he cares.

He helped return me to my passion. For that, I’ll always be thankful.”

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