Rube Scott – Success Story

You trained with us in 6th Grade, and then came back when you could – after your Senior Season – to prepare for the College Level.

What brought you back?

“I came in for the first time in sixth grade and like, it’s just the Clint workouts they always stuck with me. And I just remember how much bigger, faster and stronger I got in the short amount of time that I worked with you compared to three or four years and working out in a high school gym with a high school football program. 

I just remembered thinking, I know that what you do translates directly to the field and you’re not gonna do like the typical back squat bench press deadlift kind of thing. But the movements that you do, they show up and they show up quick.

I was 190 pounds my senior football season and I was trying to gain weight. I couldn’t do it. I was eating a ton working out every day. And as soon as I got to you, your style of workout worked new muscles – that I didn’t even know I had – I gained 20 pounds in three months.

And it was awesome!

So I guess what led me back to it was just the difference that it makes – I know it’s going to translate directly to the field. It’s not just going to be your typical workout.”

What kind of frustrations were you dealing with before coming to Penance Athletics?

“It was weird because I was getting stronger in the weight room – my maxes were going up and I was doing more weight. 

But I couldn’t jump any higher. I couldn’t really run any faster. I wasn’t gaining any weight.

So it was just like, where’s that strength going? It was just not translating, I guess.

I remember I could never dunk in high school – Really, I could get really close. I worked out with you for less than two months and I was getting up there – it was translating and I was way more explosive. 

It was noticeably different.”

Was there a moment where it hit you – “this is working” ?

“We were taking pictures for our senior picnic. And I saw myself for the first time and I was like, Oh my gosh, where did that come from? I knew I felt different because Clint has me looking like IronMan over here. It was awesome. It was an awesome feeling – just seeing all the work that I’ve put in and it was showing up!”

What has been the biggest difference in your performance on the field?

“I’d say the biggest difference for me is definitely my “coming out of the gate” speed and explosiveness. Whenever we do the sled pushes and we’re working our 10 yard Sprints That’s probably the biggest difference.

When I hit somebody and I’m going full speed now it’s just a different feeling than what I used to feel.”

Is there anything you’d like to add that I didn’t ask?

“Well, I would say like I know there’s probably a lot of people that are kind of skeptical about it – because I remember one of my football coaches would say, Oh, you’re going to that Fitness place, you really think that’s gonna make you better? I was like, you’d be surprised.

And now his son goes there! 

I feel like there’s kind of a bad rap out there sometimes about your kind of gym. And that’s just a complete lie because it’s blown me away – like what will happen if you go in there and go through what you put us through and stay consistent and work hard every day. It’s just, it’ll blow your mind how much you really don’t know. 

I didn’t know how high my ceiling was until I got in there. And I really started seeing that kind of development. 

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