Proud Coach

A little brotherly competition! 
A little brotherly competition! 

As I sit up in my stand this morning enjoy the peace and quiet (because nothing is moving this morning on our land…) I find myself thinking back to how proud I am in our members/athletes performances yesterday! 

Moving too fast! 
Moving too fast! 

In the Fitness group we had men and women that, at one point, struggled to do push ups. Yesterday they did 45, all of which were done while their arms were already fatigued from other pushing exercises!

In the Performance groups we have men and women that, at one point, struggled with handstand push ups, ring dips, and/or push ups. Yesterday they took on JT! 

The ladies ended up scaling the ring dips to bar dips, but impressive all the same!

i just wanted to take this time to say “great job” to you all, I am one very proud coach! 

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