MURPH- 2017

As all of you probably know by now, Memorial Day we (along with practically every other affiliate in the US) will be showing respect to a fallen soldier, Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, by taking on his favorite workout. 

The Workout:

Let me preface this by saying, this is going to be difficult but it is supposed to be! We have to privilege to sacrifice a bit of time and energy for a man that made to ultimate sacrifice.

Murphy did it straight through, and that’s how I suggest we all do it as well.

**For those of us that can not do Pull Ups, we are going to be scaling that with either Band-Assisted Pull Ups or Power Cleans (athletes choice).

The Day’s Schedule:

We will have heats starting at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30.

NOTICE– the heats will start at those times, you are expected to arrive early and warm up before.

After you finish your workout, you are welcome to partake in an adult beverage of your choosing (we will NOT be providing this).

In the afternoon (4pm), we will be hosting a gathering at Cox Farms. 

Arrival and Parking:

If you plan to stay here for the majority of the day to encourage your fellow CFP Family members, please park to the side or around back – I’d like to keep the front parking lot open for those that only plan to be here for their heat.

Childcare/Kids’ Room:

Childcare is only going to be provided for the 9:00 & 10:30 heats. Children will only be allowed in the Kids’ Room during the heat that their parents are participating in. This is done for the safety of your children, we simply cannot handle all of our CFP kids in the room at 1 time.

The Afternoon:

Starting at 4pm, all are welcome to join us for a get together at Cox Farms. This is potluck-style, we all know we will be hungry after Murph so let’s just prepare to re-fuel that afternoon. On site we will have:

  • Large grill- you are welcome to bring your meal prep meats and prepare them there.
  • Pool- we all know it will be very warm out.
  • Very large yard- please bring any yard games, canopies, etc. that you’d like.

Adult Beverages are welcome, as are children (please do not combine those 2 elements!). But be responsible- for your behavior and your children’s.

I’m looking forward to another great Memorial Day with all of you!

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