Very simply, Merriam-Webster defines motivation as:

1) The act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something

2) The condition of being eager to act or work

3) A force or influence that causes someone to do something

Motivation means different things to different people.  When working out, you either love being active, or you have to learn how to love being active.  I asked several of our members what motivated them to joining our box and what brings them back every day.

What brought you in and kept you coming back?

Steph: I knew I needed to be healthier, but I also needed someone to tell me what to do.  Going to a traditional gym wasn’t working for me.  Plus, I wanted to feel better about my body after having my children.  After my first Fitness workout, I was addicted so coming back was never even a question.  I loved the environment, the people and the class structure.  It’s always fun.  I love it so much I even became a coach!

Dee: As a health care professional I know the importance of exercise.  I’ve always been a runner but I wanted to add something different to my routine.  When my daughter got engaged, I used it as a reason to try Fitness.  That was almost 5 years ago.  I love that each class is different so I’m never bored with the workouts.  No matter who I’m working out with, I always feel like I’m with family.  Fitness has shown me that my body isn’t done reaching milestones and at 52 I’m in the best shape of my life.  It has really become a passion for me and my family couldn’t be prouder.

Robyn: I tried various weight loss plans over the years and nothing worked.  I knew I had to change my mental outlook and begin exercising for strength and health instead.  Once I did that and decided to try Fitness, I knew I could keep coming back.  A lot of times, you hear about how Fitness injures people but I trust my coach.  He would never let me lift a weight or do a movement if he thinks I’ll hurt myself.  I don’t feel pressured to do more than I’m able and I love that women of all shapes and sizes are in the same classes so I never felt intimidated.

Adrian: I was doing the Bootcamp class and kept watching the Fitness class.  I mentioned to a friend of mine how cool I thought it looked but that I was too scared to try it.  So, she called me out.  I attended one class and I was instantly hooked.  I loved the environment and the structure (my previous experience with weightlifting was at a key-card all-access gym where I’d wander around the weight room wondering what to do next).  All my friends are here – which feels more like a family.  This is my happy place.

Angie: At first I came because ReRun was here.  And initially, I kept coming back because I liked the people I was working out with and the atmosphere here at Fitness.  But once I started seeing changes in my body, I started setting personal goals for myself.  Coming to Fitness became about me.  So now, even if the people I started working out with quit, I would still keep come back because I want to keep reaching the fitness goals I’m setting for myself.


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