Monday’s Strength and How It Could Help You

Your workouts are only valuable if they help you make the progress that you’re wanting! Otherwise you will not stick with it for the long-term because you are not seeing the benefits.

“No pain, no gain” only applies if there is some “gain”!

With that said, here is the strength portion of Penance Achieve for Monday June 6th, and more importantly, how it could benefit you and your goals.

Participants will be building in weight with 1 of our favorite strength builders, the Double Kettlebell Front Squat – some will choose to work with a single Kettlebell in the Goblet Squat.

In this section our focus is building (and testing) our strength with the squatting pattern.

But why? Why is this pattern important? And how could you benefit? Let’s look at different angles…

Goal – Build Strength and Muscle Tissue:

The benefit for this person is a no-brainer – if your goal is to build strength and muscle, building strength in the squat pattern is (hopefully) already on your radar. Strength training the lower body with big compound exercises causes a cascade of hormone benefits that absolutely can not be ignored.

But where does the Double Kettlebell Front Squat benefit come in? With the extra recruitment and development of upper back and core/midline musculature!

Goal – Weight Loss:

If your goal is weight loss you might think that you need to forgo any strength training, for fear of “bulking.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Strength training builds lean muscle, which is much more dense (takes up less space) than bodyfat. Muscle tissue is also metabolically active – which means the more muscle that you have the more calories you burn – even while resting! And strength training the legs takes this to a whole other level!

Goal – Gain or Maintain Capacity and Independence:

As we age there are very few movements that become as necessary as squatting. Think, getting to and out of a chair, car, toilet, etc…

Keeping your knees healthy and strong by introducing smart and intentional levels of stress are absolutely critical to the long term health and capabilities of your knees.

Something to keep in mind when starting an exercise regiment or program…

Does this actually move me toward my goal or am I just taking a shot in the dark?

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