Limber 11 & Master’s Class

Over the previous weeks we have heard our members dealing with lagging soreness, etc. in the hips and lower backs. Now it is no secret that we work with these areas almost every day in some way and the 5 minutes or so of stretching that we do before class begins is probably not enough to combat the 8 hours that most of our members spend sitting in an office, car, etc… With that said, we are currently working to affiliate with a program that would bring 10-15 min daily mobility routines to our athletes. Until then I invite/challenge all of our members to make the Defranco Limber 11 part of your daily routine! I included a video of this

We will soon be ironing out many of the details regarding our Masters (50+) class and hope to be opening that to the public very soon. What I can tell you now is that this will be a different class/programming than our normal Fitness classes, and will most likely be offered late morning a few days a week. Class will focus greatly on mobility & movement quality. We have put in the application to be a part of the Silver Sneakers program and are now awaiting our approval. 

If you, or someone you know, will be attending this class, we would love to know so that we can have a preliminary count before Day 1 of the class.

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