I want to take a moment and brag on 1 of our awesome Penance members – Jeff.

Jeff has been a member with Penance for over 7 year now.

Although his schedule may have gotten in his way a few times over the years, he has always found his way back to a groove and continued to push forward.

About 6 months ago Jeff took it upon himself to start a regimen of bodyweight exercises to begin and end each day – eventually adding in Slant Board Squats to help rehab and rebuild a troublesome knee that he had carried with him from an injury suffered years ago.

From across the gym I could hear the excitement in his voice as he was showing Rachel how much his knees have improved over the months. Less pain and capable of more movement – I watched him step forward off of a 10 inch box! For many people that would have been a collapse off, not a controlled step down.

Very proud to have people like Jeff with us at Penance, keep up the good work!

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