Improving Health – How?

So you’ve decided that it’s time, you’re ready to get healthier and feel better.

My advice – start small and think sustainable!

Too often we see people make the try too many changes and they are unable to stay the course on any of it for long enough to start to see the benefit – the spark of motivation dwindles before results can fan the flame!

When you’re getting started, pick 1 habit to change and stick with it (without fail) for 21 days… then add another. Now you may be thinking that only 1 habit is not enough to make a difference, but it is if you pick the right habit and you think long-term.

For someone on the far left end of the Illness-wellness continuum, cutting out sugar drinks (Sweet tea, juices, ALL sodas- diet is just as bad!) and replacing them with water (flat or sparkling) could mean the add up to huge progress. For more information on eating vs drinking sugar click HERE.

Not a sugar drinker? Good, but that is just 1 example. When you’re in need of a change, take a look at your daily and weekly habits and then pick 1 to improve. Make it an impactful change that you can sustain. If you’d like some help with this, fill out the No-Sweat Intro form!

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