How to Store Fresh Fruit Longer

One of our nutritional focuses at Penance Gym is an emphasis on whole foods – Lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds – while limiting or altogether avoiding processed and manufactured foods.

The downside of natural and whole foods is that they expire faster (no preservatives) than the processed crap that comes from the majority of the grocery stores.

Sorry, but I said what I said.

It’s no secret, but I’m always surprised who doesn’t know this. If you store your refrigerated fruits in glass jars with sealed lids, they will stay fresh at least twice as long. We have been doing this with our strawberries and grapes for the last few months and I honestly think I’m low balling the time frame because it seems to be much longer. Side note: we don’t do this with our blueberries as Dorian eats them way too fast for them to ever go bad.

Glass jars are non-porous and the lids are airtight. This keeps bacteria out and prevents air exchange, drastically slowing the decomposition process.

Less food wasted, less money wasted!

Cheers to a new week, everyone.

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