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It is a relatively frustrating moment when I coach asks an athlete that they have not seen in a while, “where have you been?” and the response is something to the affect of they had a tweak, that occurred in or out of the box, and chose not to come in.

First off, it is 100% encouraged for you to come to class when you have a limitation or issue you need to train around. Not only is it encouraged, but the coaches actually expect you to continue coming to class.

In addition, we firmly believe that modifying a workout in order to get in a workout is far more beneficial that simply not working out. For many, a tweak can be an absolute show stopper to fantastic momentum, if you let it. Not to mention, we have found that training the parts of your body that are still at 100% will help the trouble areas to heal faster.

Coach Clint going over a scaling option for Rope Climbs.
Coach Clint going over a scaling option for Rope Climbs.

The athlete will usually tell the coach that he or she did not want to “burden us” or “waste our time” by bringing their issue to us. We are at the box for you, the athletes! One of the primary roles of a Fitness coach is to scale or modify whatever workout is written on the Blackboard to meet the needs of each athlete. PLEASE USE US!



To date, we’ve scaled or modified for (to name a few):

  • Shattered and surgically repaired finger.
  • Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Rotator Cuff surgery.
  • Sprained, strained, twisted, torqued, tweaked, etc. of nearly every joint.
  • Broken toes.
  • Tight or strained lower back.

Be aware- this is not a complete list, just what I can remember off the top of my head…

Best “Active Recovery” tool that we’ve found so far!

So how do we put this is practice?

When you arrive (early) to the box, meet with your coach and inform him or her of your issue and limitations. This way we can ask any necessary questions early and begin to work on any modifications needed. Then, continue to communicate with us regarding your issue and healing process. Or even better, email me directly (

If you have a larger issue, please be prepared to be patient. The road to recovery can often be longer than you think it should be. Keep a written journal of your workouts and how the injury/issue feels each day, this can be vital information with joint issues.

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