Guest Post: Margy Glass – Strength Training Benefits as a Female Athlete

“Growing up, I struggled with many insecurities and constantly compared myself to others. I avoided working out because I did not want to get bulky or gain any weight.

Eventually, I started to properly and safely lift weights with a trainer and guess what?! I did not get bulky.

Instead, I got strong, mentally and physically.

Something that my trainer, Clint Cox, said to me that has stuck with me was, “you are sneaky strong.”

My whole life up to this point, I had been concerned with looking a certain way, and I did not appreciate the body that I had or what it was capable of doing.

The idea of “sneaky strength” allowed me to understand that with lifting weights, I didn’t have to be bulky and gain a bunch of muscle mass to be strong.

Many females miss the benefits of lifting weights because they are afraid to look manly or put on too much muscle.

For some reason, when Clint termed it “sneaky strength,” it clicked for me.

I no longer wanted to exercise to be skinny or to look like someone else. I wanted to lift heavy weights and get strong.

I wanted to exercise for myself and to be the best version of me.

A change I did not expect when I started to lift weights was that I stopped comparing myself to others and I started to push myself each day to be better than I was the day before, in the gym and in my daily life.

Finding my own strength mentally and physically gave me confidence in myself, and an appreciation for my body that I had not had before.

I saw so much growth mentally and physically from weight training and exercise that I decided to major in exercise science in college, so that I can help others find their sneaky strength too. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, and I currently work as the Fitness Center Director for an Army Base where I am leading the effort to promote health and fitness through new programs, and to ensure combat readiness across the installation.”

Margy with the soldiers at Fort Eustis

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