We all have goals. Bold statement but it’s also a true statement. And for the most part all of our goals are different, at least to some degree.

Now how do we go about accomplishing these goals?

  1. Put pen to paper- Write down your goals, and not just once on a sticky note (which usually finds an indirect route to the trash can). No, write down your goals where you can see them, and write them down often. Keep a nutrition log and write down your goals on each page after you’ve entered your last meal/snack for the day. It helps to constantly remind yourself why you are not taking the “easy” road which consists of massive amounts of couch time and decrepitude later in life.
  2. Tell people- Now I know sometimes it can be odd to try to talk to your friends and family that are not fitness-minded about your goal of getting a Muscle-Up and Double Unders this year, but you can always talk to your Fit-Fam about what you want to accomplish and expect 100% support. Obviously if you tell you family that you are cutting out breads to try to lower your BMI and improve your Blood Panel they will be supportive as well.
  3. Tell the Coach- Who better to tell than the person that has watched your progress since Day 1?! Now I should clarify: I do not mean to just kind of drop a hint while you are both out on the training floor, there’s nothing that can really come from that quick “conversation” but for the coach to then respond with “you should schedule a Shoot-the-Shit. This is where these goals should be brought forward and discussed. This is where we can really cover how to make these goals happen, or happen faster! A plan needs to be put together, and then the work has to be put in!

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